Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why WebWise Now?

Many members of the digital GLAM community generously share their work on the open web. Our goal is to bring attention to contributions that share research findings, methods, theories, pedagogies, or practice. “Now” is part of the name because the materials we distribute are typically released in the past month.

WebWise Now also is another critical case study for experimenting with PressForward methodology (editorial selection of aggregated content by generated by communities of scholars) and technology (an open source WordPress plugin to facilitate sourcing and distribution). It offers professionals interested in beginning digital projects at their institution and/or writing IMLS grants to support digital projects a broader sense of what is happening in the digital GLAM community.

Who selects the content for WebWise Now?

Content is selected by faculty at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media and by grant officers at IMLS, based on RSS feeds from online content sources such as blogs, newsletters, repositories, and open access journals.  We will begin soliciting additional feeds and nominations from the community in coming months, as well.

Where are the features and news items stored?

Content is hosted at its original site of publication.  WebWise Now highlights a snippet of the original post, but our intention is to drive traffic back to the original publication on the open web.  Each feature and news item contains a link that will return you to the source of the publication.

How can I submit a news announcement?

You can email us a link to your announcement: imlswebwise at google dot com.

What technology do you use?

We publish using WordPress. Since June 2013 we have been using our own PressForward plugin to aggregate, nominate, and review content via RSS feeds. Currently in beta, we are extending the functionality and user interface of the plugin. You can track our development or download the plugin from GitHub, or see screenshots and instructions here.

How can I start a “now” publication for my own field?

We are happy to discuss how you might develop a similar publication for your field using the PressForward plugin or methodologies. We have helped Global Perspectives on Digital Historydh+libOpen Access Now, and others. Please fill out this form with some initial information. We also are developing documentation and a handbook, which will be available in mid-2014.