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Feature: Europeana digital objects to have valid rights statement by July 2014

By lmrhody | February 27, 2014

Throughout 2013, we spent a fair amount of time looking at how to improve the quality and presence of rights statements. While this process has led to a significant reduction of the share of digital objects without a rights statements, we have not yet achieved our objective to have all digital objects available via Europeana carry a rights label. In addition, we have undertaken a review of the Europeana Licensing Framework. Part of the outcomes of this review are a small number of changes to the rights statements that are available, such as the introduction of a new rights statement for Orphan Works. This blog post explains the progress made in the past year, how we plan to deal with the remaining legacy of unlabelled objects, the changes to the existing rights statements and what all of this will mean in practice.

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