Tired of just looking at paintings?

By sbrennan | January 23, 2014

The Europeana Creative team are developing a genuinely different and surprisingly deep way for tourists to engage with heritage, based on emotion, playfulness and curiosity.

Recreate a painting with your friends, then upload and share your photograph, twinned with the original, for others to enjoy. Decide how ambitious you feel, then choose to recreate an easy, medium or hard painting from a selection of classics.

The service will be used by tourism offices, museums, cities, tour guides, etc. to promote specific destinations, sites and events. After all, the tourism sector seeks to provide visitors with great experiences in order to get them to return to a destination or to tell friends and family about it in a positive way.

This pilot scheme could help to provide that experience. It can easily be integrated into existing marketing schemes and is very “light-weight” in terms of costs and management.

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