Back by popular demand, WiseCamp un-conference sessions will offer a dynamic, engaging forum for collaboration, conversation, and participation.   Attendees will have the opportunity to connect, hatch new ideas and get down to real work with potential collaborators during sessions they propose and facilitate. Based on positive feedback from “WiseCamp” participants in 2012, WebWise will incorporate the principles and participant-driven ethos of the THATCamp unconference model into the main WebWise conference.

If there is a topic you would like to propose for a 50 minute WiseCamp session and if you would be willing to facilitate it (not necessarily lead, but to get the conversation started), then you can begin by proposing a session topic on the WebWise IdeaScale site. See an idea you like?  Vote for it.   Sessions with the highest numbers of votes will be included in this year’s WebWise agenda.  Participants will also be able to submit session proposals during a brief scheduling period on Monday, February 10th.

Who can attend?  

Anyone currently registered for WebWise 2014 can participate.

What should I propose? 

Sessions at WiseCamp usually range from general discussions (Talk sessions) to project-based hackathons or writeathons (Make sessions) to technology skills workshops (Teach sessions) to miscellaneous experiments (Play sessions). There should be no full-blown papers; we’re not here to read or be read to. See the list of sample sessions at for ideas, or come up with a creative idea of your own for a session genre or topic. Ideally, you should come to THATCamp with something in mind, and on the first day find a time, a place, and people to share it with.

If you would like to submit an idea for consideration for WiseCamp 2014, you can post your idea on the IdeaScale site.  We will begin voting right away, but voting will be ongoing through the WiseCamp scheduling session at 10:30 AM on Monday, February 10th.