We live in an attention-based economy, in which consumers find themselves distracted by countless platforms, applications and services, all clamouring for their time. In this competitive environment, museums and libraries have a unique role to play  – offering new skills and insights into digital curation as well as helping people come together to address bigger social and economic challenges.

To succeed in this world, we need to cut through the noise and reach out to people with services that are personal, emotional, attractive and relevant.

In this keynote, Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole will address the theme of “Anchoring Communities” by exploring the ways that museums and libraries around the world are building relationships with the people they serve. He will look at how technology is transforming these relationships by supporting new kinds of connections, going beyond social media and co-creation and uniting the continuum of creation, distribution, use and-re-use of digital content.

As part of this, Nick will review his work with museums and libraries on integrating technology into core vision, mission and strategic planning, creating organisations that are ‘digital first’ in their thinking and ready to face the future with confidence.