Since its inception, efficient access to oral history in an archival setting has been challenging and expensive.  In the absence of a verbatim transcript, the user/researcher must, typically, listen to each moment in an interview in order to determine the potential for relevant information discovery.   The Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries has developed OHMS to create an easy way to index interviews and provide users an efficient and effective interface for navigating online oral history collections for a fraction of the cost of transcribing.   

OHMS creates an environment for indexing or annotating an online oral history interview, creating searchable segments, which correspond to the time-code of the audio or video recording.  A search of an OHMS index will, not only yield the relevant textual results, it will also connect the user to the corresponding moment in the audio and video.  Additionally, OHMS incorporates controlled vocabularies as well as the ability to embed hyperlinks or GPS coordinates, connecting moments in the oral history interview to additional outside resources such as photographs or maps

In 2011, the Nunn Center received a National Leadership Grant from IMLS to make OHMS open source and publicly available to other institutions.  Many institutions are already working in OHMS as the grant project is nearing successful completion. This workshop will explore the process of utilizing OHMS to index and present oral histories online.