Since 2000, the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ (IMLS) WebWise conference has brought together representatives from museums, libraries, archives, systems science, education, and other fields who are interested in the future of high-quality online content for inquiry and learning.  An annual conference, WebWise highlights recent research and innovations in digital technology, explores their potential impacts on library and museum services, and promotes effective museum and library practices in a digital environment. It also provides recipients of technology-based grants from the Institute with an opportunity to showcase their exemplary projects. Learn more about past WebWise conferences.


This year’s WebWise theme is “Anchoring Communities,” drawing from the IMLS’s second strategic goal:

IMLS promotes museums and libraries as strong community anchors that enhance civic engagement, cultural opportunities, and economic vitality.

Please join us in considering the unique situations of your own institutions and the ways in which we can meet the needs of diverse constituencies through a productive use of technologies that can support civic engagement, cultural opportunity, and economic vitality.


This year, WebWise will combine the most popular conference formats of previous conferences to create a hybridized schedule that includes plenary, unconference, and workshop sessions. Combining informative and engaging presentations by two keynote speakers and project demonstrations with active, “hands-on” and collaborative sessions, WebWise will have something to offer a wide range of participants, ranging from novices to experienced technologists. In support of the conference’s thematic focus on community engagement, workshop sessions–suggested by potential conference attendees–will provide a chance to learn new digital tools. Project demonstrations will highlight the scope and scale of current digital projects—particularly those that are collaborative and educational—in an effort to share ongoing work. Small working group sessions will foster new ideas, for those who choose to participate, and will address particular challenges facing small and local organizations particularly with regard to digital and online work. Finally, plenary sessions will bring participants together to inspire attendees to leave WebWise engergized and enthusiastic about implementing new ideas at their home institutions.