Following a very successful WebWise 2013, many participants requested to have copies of the project planning materials from the Project/Partnership Incubation Sessions.

Below, you will find links to both individual files and a folder containing all of materials used during the session. The materials are designed to be used sequentially, though some of them can stand alone. The documents offer probing questions, tip sheets, and guides that are useful when you begin developing a project.

In case you missed these sessions at WebWise, read more about this experiemental working group session.

The folder includes the following materials:

1.) Articulating the Ideas Worksheet (doc) (pdf)

2.) Identifying Audiences (doc) (pdf)

3.) Environmental Scan (doc) (pdf)

4.) Resource Assessment Worksheet (doc) (pdf)

5.) Identifying Appropriate Funding Sources (doc) (pdf)

6.) Scoping and Scheduling Work (doc) (pdf)

7.) Short Project Proposal (doc) (pdf)

8.) Forging Effective Partnerships (pdf)

9.) What Happens Next?  (doc) (pdf)

10.) Letters of Support (doc) (pdf)

You can download the documents from a public Google folder: