For WebWise participants from public, university, and state libraries, history and art museums, archives, science centers, and zoos around the country, project ideas are in ample supply. Most institutions have a long list of dream projects that would further their organizational mission, if only they had the staff had the time and resources to pursue them.

The Project/Partnership Incubator session offers an opportunity to take crucial first steps toward turning project ideas into realities.  During small, facilitated, working-sessions, participants will start developing realistic project plans and laying the groundwork for building partnerships with other institutions. The most important factor in making these sessions successful is that every participant comes with a project idea that she or he would like to develop.

Project ideas come in all shapes and sizes, but this year WebWise is focusing on three goals that are central to IMLS’s five year strategic plan “Creating a Nation of Learners”:

  1. IMLS places the learner at the center and supports engaging experiences in libraries and museums that prepare people to be full participants in their local communities and our global society.
  2. IMLS promotes museums and libraries as strong community anchors that enhance civic engagement, cultural opportunities, and economic vitality.
  3. IMLS supports exemplary stewardship of museum and library collections and promotes the use of technology to facilitate discovery of knowledge and cultural heritage.

These goals are at the heart of every museum and library’s work. Keep them in mind as you tell us more about your project ideas.

To help the program committee organize participants into meaningful and productive incubator groups, we have developed a short survey, which will be delivered by email to all registered participants from the registrar at Capital Meeting Planning (*protected email*).  It will include the subject heading: “WebWise Incubator Survey Form.”  There are only a few questions in the survey altogether.  Most are multiple choice questions about the type of group you would most like to participate in, the subject area you are most interested in discussing, and there is a request for a 75-word or less description of a project idea you would like to germinate during the incubator sessions.  For best consideration and placement at the Project / Partnership Incubator Session, survey responses are due by February 22, 2013.

To get the most out of WebWise this year, take a few moments and tell us about your project ideas!