Beyond Likes and Hits: Guerrilla-Style Evaluation and Digging Deeper Into Data

Workshop LeaderKathleen Tinworth, Expose Your Museum LLC

How can we effectively measure learning and engagement outcomes so that we can tweak, and possibly redesign, for best possible results? This workshop will build the case for partnership and alliance between the tech side of museums and libraries– be it web, digital, mobile, social media, etc.– and the audience research and evaluation side. Through case studies and examples, this workshop will demonstrate mistakes made (and lessons learned) with audiences which could have been prevented if the two camps had teamed earlier and with a unified vision and strategy. In turn, successful examples of partnership will be shared. Additionally, regardless of the size and shape of your institution, there are simple strategies– even with limited time, money, and resources– to leverage visitor studies, audience research, consumer trends, and your own audiences’ voices in your work. This workshop will highlight several key ways to ensure your work is not just audience focused, but audience informed.